For NISM members: 2021 starts with FNRS grants

The results of the “FRIA”, “FRESH”, “MIS”, “CDR” and “PDR” 2020 calls of the FNRS have been communicated.

The results of the “FRIA”, “FRESH”, “MIS”, “CDR” and “PDR” 2020 calls of the FNRS have been communicated. More than 25 projects of scientists and academics from UNamur are selected, between them 6 projects from NISM.

Pr. Yoann OLIVIER, has received one the 19 Scientific Impulsion Mandates (MIS) granted by the FNRS this year. The objective of MIS funding is to support young permanent researchers planning to develop a scientific team in an emmerging field. This research grant allows for funding the IMAGINE project which deals with the detailed understanding at the microscopic scale, thanks to techniques from computational chemistry, of the electronic processes responsible for spin mixing in pi-conjugated materials. This research project is expected to lead to the design of a new generation of materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with improved efficiencies.

Six FRIA doctoral scholarships (Fund for Research Training in Industry and Agriculture) were awarded to UNamur, three of them belongs to NISM:

  • Amélie MAERTENS (promoter Carmela Aprile).
  • Virgile NEYMAN (promoter Catherine Michaux, in co-promotion with Frédéric Francis from ULiège).
  • Gaetano RICCI (promoter Yoann Olivier).

UNamur has also obtained five project grants in the "PDR" call as main promoter, two of them are granted to NISM professors: Carmela APRILE and Guillaume BERIONNI.

Congratulations to the members whose projects were granted. And good luck for those who are willing to apply for the next calls.

The FNRS call results are published on the following link: