Welcome back to Dr. Aurélien Chardon in the NISM institute

Dr. Aurélien Chardon first joined the University of Namur and the NISM institute in 2018 for a postdoctoral research work under the supervision of Prof. G. Berionni (Laboratory of reactivity and catalysis, chemistry department).
He recently obtained a prestigious position of "Chargé de recherche" from the FNRS to perform a three-year (2021-2023) high-level postdoctoral research program on "Borylated carbanions as new dipoles and Lewis pairs for small molecules activation". This research project will be performed in the organic chemistry division (chemistry department, UNamur) and involves collaborations between the Laboratory of reactivity and catalysis, several research groups from the NISM institute, and the laboratory of Prof. R. Robiette (UCLouvain).
Beyond his research work, Dr. Aurélien Chardon is also occasionally teaching and supervising several master and PhD students. He is working in close collaboration with two PhD students which are also suppported by the FNRS (FRIA PhD grants), Damien Mahaut, working on the "Hydrogenation of amides and carbon dioxide mediated by frustrated Lewis pairs" and Arnaud Osi, working on "new Pyramidalized Boron Lewis Acids For C-C and C-N Coupling via C-F activation", which are also members of the NISM Institute. We wish them a lot of success and fruitful collaborations in the institute and the chemistry department.