Seminars IN

NISM organizes about 15-20 invited seminars per year, given by speakers coming from Belgian or foreign laboratories. Seminars are programmed and announced on the website calendar, reminders are sent by mail to the NISM members and, were appropriate, to the executive assistant of other institutes for dissemination. Dedicated posters are spread on the announcement panels of the NISM laboratories and of the Chemistry and Physics departments administrative and coffee rooms.

Conferences IN

One of the new actions that NISM promoted is the financial contribution to the organization of thematic seminars, in the framework of the research topics of a pole, a laboratory or a NISM member. The conferences are also promoted on the NISM website calendar.

Conferences OUT

The conferences attended by NISM PhD and postdoctoral researchers outside the institute are encouraged by financing a part or its entire cost. NISM supports 10 travel grants per year, covering the conference and travel fees up to 750 € for conferences in Europe, and up to 1250 € for conferences outside Europe.

NISM call for projects 2020

In 2020, NISM launched its first call to fund three collaborative projects submitted by academics from the institute, in order to promote new internal collaborations.