Antoine Honet : new research fellow

Active tuning of the optical properties of non-metallic nanoparticles

Actively tune the optical properties of materials is a long-standing quest for material scientists.
In this project, we propose to investigate doped nanostructures as systems of choice to reach such goal via the excitation of localized surface plasmon resonance.
Contrary to metallic nano-systems, in compounds such as nano-graphene and metal oxide nanocrystals the density of available 'free' electrons can be modified by an applied external voltage.
All the range of state-of-art simulation methods, from continuum dielectric approach to first-principle methods, will be used, but also semi-empirical methods, more suitable for doped and defective systems.
We will keep a close link with experimental results, in particular electron energy loss spectroscopy to investigate the plasmon excitation of individual nanoparticles.
In nitrogen-doped nanographene and in the nanocrystals of tin-doped indium oxide and of oxygen-deficient transition metal oxides, we will address fundamental effects leading to electrochromic properties, an important feature in light and heat management of buildings.
Antoine will work on the project for the next four years.