Seminar: Prof. Shigehiro YAMAGUCHI

« Boron and Phosphorus-Containing pi-Electron Materials for Supramolecular Polymerization and Fluorescence Imaging »

Abstract (PDF)

Prof. Shigehiro YAMAGUCHI
Research Center for Materials and Department of Chemistry, University of Nagoya

Incorporation of main group elements into pi-conjugated skeletons is a powerful strategy to develop new (opto)electronic organic materials with unusual properties. In this lecture, we will discuss several types of molecular designs making best use of boron and phosphorus atoms, which enable us to develop attractive functional materials, including highly Lewis-acidic boron-doped polycyclic pi-systems, planar boron-based pi-systems that allow controlled supramolecular polymerization, and super-photostable fluorophores utilized for super-resolution fluorescence imaging.