NISM Newsletter - July 2020


Issue 1, July 2020


Laurent Houssiau : from NISM presidency to physics department direction

Laurent Houssiau, the NISM president since November 2020, was elected as director of the physics department in UNAMUR.

Laurent will take responsibilities in the physics department on August 1st.
Consequently, the general assembly of NISM took place on June 29th to organize the election of a new president.
The NISM general assembly is formed of 26 academics, one representative of non-permanents in each pole, and two representatives of ATG’s.

Election of Vincent Liégeois as NISM president and Francesca Cecchet as vice-president

Following the NISM general assembly, the election of a new president was organized via electronic vote. Vincent Liégeois was elected as NISM president.
As Vincent leaves the vice-presidency, the election of a new vice-president was also organized. Francesca Cecchet was elected as vice-president.

Vincent and Francesca will take duties on August 1st.

Call for projects 2020

The NISM call for projects 2020 deadline has been extended to May 15th . The received projects are being evaluated by the European Science Foundation (ESF). The result will be communicated during the second half of July.

 PhDs life in NISM

Covid-19 lock-down impact on PhDs

The NISM bureau has been listening to the members whose works were influenced by the lock-down. PhD students, who have mainly short delays to respect and limited means, were invited to mention the difficulties they met during this lock-down. The bureau received several reactions.
PhDs who teach in the university had to do more efforts to adapt their methods to e-teaching. This had a negative impact on time spent for their PhD work.
In chemistry, some experiments were hard to conduct during the lock-down, some met a failure and need to be reconducted, which take sometimes several days to several weeks of work.


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