An MBPI Applied Sciences travel grant awarded to Michaël Lobet

This award will enable him to finance part of the costs for his participation as a guest speaker at the International Society of Optics and Photonics SPIE conference in San Diego, USA next August.

Dr Michaël Lobet is a postdoctoral researcher at the UNamur physics department (NISM Institute). His research interests combine photonics, materials science, quantum and solid-state physics. He works on light-matter interactions at the nanometric scale in the broad sense: perfect absorption using metamaterials, plasmonics, non-linear optics, photovoltaics, 2D electrodynamics, materials with a refractive index near zero, molecular electronics and biophotonics.

His participation as an invited speaker at the SPIE conference ( went from his former research work in photonics during his postdoctoral stay at the prestigious Harvard University in 2017-2018, to the publication ( of his work in collaboration with his colleagues from Harvard, Ottawa and Pennsylvania Universities as well as his work in progress.

Photonics is the science that studies light and its interaction with materials, whether natural or not. Numerous applications result from this: optical fibers, photovoltaic cells, (bio) sensors, photocatalysts, detectors, lasers or even iridescent paints. Co-organizer of the first Belgian Photonics Online Meetup (BePOM) ( conference at the UNamur last September, the researcher and his colleagues, Dr. Sébastien Mouchet (UNamur) and Dr. Gilles Rosolen (UMons), are preparing for the next edition. More information soon ... The Applied Sciences Awards 2021 were awarded to nine outstanding young researchers (  in various fields. Applied Sciences maintains special issues to create collections of articles on specific topics. The aim is to create a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special issues are edited by guest editors, subject matter experts, who oversee the article editorial process. Prof. Philippe Lambin is the Applied Sciences expert in nanoscience.

Several other researchers from UNamur are involved in this research in photonics, such as Prof. Olivier Deparis and Dr. Alexandre Mayer, also invited speaker at SPIE, who collaborate with Dr. Michaël Lobet on the theme of optical black holes. MBPI Applied Sciences regularly publishes calls in themes such as chemistry, energy, sustainable sciences and technologies, earth sciences and geography, optics and lasers, materials, and biosciences and bioengineering. Contact: Michaël Lobet - More info: